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Jym kelleher

Jim Kelleher has worked with a wide range of media from performance art, digital media, graphic design and ceramics. He is an Alumni of G.M.I.T in Sculpture, and University of Ulster, majoring in Sculpture & Lens based Media.

He completed the Ceramics & Pottery Design Course with the Design & Craft Council of Ireland in 2004. His vessel forms are produced with a combination of thrown and hand building techniques, with rims that are manipulated through coil building during the throwing process.

He returned to education on 2008 to complete a Higher Diploma in Teacher Training for Art & Design and is now a full-time educator. His ceramic work continues to develop in a series of directions, including a range of figurative styles. His work displays a more pronounced theme exploring the human condition and personal identity. His figures depict the whimsical and sometimes melancholy dramatics at play in the psychological make-up of each character and everyday scenario they find themselves living.

Exhibitions include the Lavitt Gallery, Cork; the National Craft Gallery, Kilkenny; Granary Museum of Treasures, Waterford; Wandesford Quay Gallery, Cork; Narrow Space Gallery, Clonmel; CraftSpace, Belfast; and the R.D.S. Dublin, Gallery Zozimos, Dublin.

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