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erin goulding

Born and based in Cork City, Erin Goulding is primarily a painter who’s preferred medium is oil paint. Erin’s work is rich in colours, textures and shapes with a keen eye for attention to detail.

Originally from an engineering background, Erin recieved a BA Honours Degree in Civil and Transporting Engineering from Napier University, Edinburgh in 2011.

Upon arriving home, Erin found herself continually drawn to the arts and in 2014 returned to study Art, Craft and Design at St.Johns Central College. Erin attended another year here with a emphasis on Painting and Sculpture.

 Heavily influenced by classical still lifes and surrealism, Erin combines these two genres to create her own unique work.

Since her completion in 2016, Erin has exhibited in various locations throughout Cork City. 

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